Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In case my child is gay or transgender...

I've been thinking about my children lately and what I would say if one came to me and said he/she is gay or transgender. I've thought about this A LOT.  And here's what I've come up with so far:

"Sweet child of mine. I love you. It's okay. God made you to be this amazing, thoughtful, smart, kind kid. Whether you love boys or girls and whether you are a boy or a girl is is just part of that big ole package. I'm glad we have our lives together to figure out how to do this crazy thing called life.

But you know, some people might not be nice to you or to our family because of who you are or what we believe. I don't have all the answers for why that is. I wish I did and I wish I could protect you from every inch of it. The truth is, I can't. But I want you to know that your family loves you, your God loves you, and I don't want to change one single thing about you.

In fact, as your family, we are going to work to love each other so hard and so well that we have extra love to give to those people who don't like us or tell us that we're wrong or bad because of how our family looks. Our family believes in Jesus. We believe he died for everyone and loves us so much that he can fill us up with enough love even for people who don't love us back. But we promise to keep our home a safe place for you, for times when the hurt outside is just too much. We'll shout & fight for you when you need it and we'll whisper when you need that too.

My expectation for you as your mom is that you be kind and do your best. That's about it. I hope you fall in love with Jesus the way I have but that's a journey you'll have to embark upon on your own. So keep praying and find ways to be kind and make a difference for others.

Now go do your homework and then we'll go get ice cream."

And as I wrote this, I realized this is what I want to tell my kids anyway. So I just might write this out three times and make a delivery tonight. Win-win (plus that means we get to go get ice cream!)

This one's nine now. Excuse me while I cry into my ice cream.

Update: I read my letter to the kids this afternoon. Definitely a win!

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