Friday, October 3, 2014


If God is who he says he his, then what? What do we do? How do we live out a life of faith? And how can we, as women, allow God to use us?

Y'all, God does big stuff. He just does. And he could just do it himself but for reasons beyond my wildest imagination, he uses us. He allows us to be part of his plans. Big, giant, God-sized plans. And we can be part of them. That's amazing. I, for one, do not want to miss out.

And I have seen how God works through women. I'm excited to be living in a time when the Church is acknowledging more and more that women are valuable to the Kingdom of God, that women are (and always have been) used by God to bring peace, to love others, to restore justice. We are not secondary players.

Last year I had the absolute honor of leading a small group of women to do an If:Local Gathering. Along with more than 44,000 women we joined (via webcast) the If:Gathering in Austin, Texas. We listened to women like Jen Hatmaker and Ann Voskamp, authors who inspired and encouraged us. We heard from Christine Cane and Annie Lobert who work tirelessly because of their love for Jesus to bring women and children out of the modern-day sex trade. We heard from women who identified themselves as conservative and from those who identify as progressive, all calling us to put down our measuring sticks and focus on how we can join together.  Most importantly, we spent time together being honest and vulnerable, struggling with how we felt God calling us to be bold. We laid down our differences and realized that our small group of women could do some amazingly big things together.

No wonder I can't wait to host If:Greensboro this year!

Our plan this year is to rent a house (or two) on Ocean Isle, NC. To get away for the weekend, away from distractions and worries and responsibilities, to focus on how we want to live as women of faith.  It is going to be an incredible weekend of gathering together, for women from different churches and backgrounds, to worship and learn, and be encouraged to run boldly after God.

In order for me to ensure we have enough room for all of us, please register by October 31st. Once I know how many women we'll have, I'll book us a place. I'm working hard to keep it right around $100 per person for lodging.

Registration is here:

Click for some more info on the If:Gathering


  1. Hey Mrs. Cassell anyway you have an idea of total cost for the event. I am very interested in going. Tara Dollyhigh

    1. Hey there! I just sent you a FB friend request! Or you can email me at yklj AT triad DOT rr DOT com. :)


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