Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Help Me Get Rid of My Husband SALE!

Just a few more weeks left to order and help me send my husband AWAY (to Swaziland to work with widows, orphans, and their communities!)

Last week's sale on bag tags is now closed (you can still order them, but the price is back to $6).

This week?

These make awesome teacher gifts! 
100% customized. Price includes up to 3 colors, a symbol and a name.
Just let me know what you'd like on there and I'll figure out how make it happen.

For a military wife whose husband flies helicopters!

Northwest High School Volleyball Team!

Patriots (or Greensboro Academy!)

Caldwell Academy!
I'll stop taking orders at this price on Saturday, November 30th. And then I think I'll just have time for one more sale week before orders close up for good (till next year!)  Order by emailing me at yklj AT triad DOT rr DOT com. :)

Or check out the rest of "The Store"  There's a new listing... super-cute coffee mugs!
And thank you for helping me send my husband away!!

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