Monday, November 11, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness!

Every year I try to get away with having a birthday and not having anyone find out about it. I'm not averse to birthdays, but I REALLY don't handle attention very well, so I just try to get through the day under the radar.

Unfortunately for me, I have the sweetest friends and someone usually rats me out on Facebook and then my secret's out and I end up with a lovely FB page full of sweet birthday wishes. Which is really nice. I'm not complaining.

But this year, in honor of my birthday, my daughter, my dad, and I went out to commit 35 Random Acts of Kindness (ahem... for my 29th birthday). It was SO much fun! Here are a few of my favorites:

$1 left in the dollar section of Target.
My daughter thought it was really cool to place them on things SHE would have bought.

This was my most favorite one. A sign on the dressing room mirror that says "You look amazing!"

Money at the redbox. Even better since that particular redbox was out of order today; at least the person would have an extra dollar even if they couldn't rent a movie at that redbox!

I didn't get pictures of everything we did, but we also went to the photo lab at a drug store and paid for someone's photo order (anonymously, of course). The guy behind the counter was really nice and gave me the idea to hit the pharmacy too! So we bought a gift card and attached it to my "Random Act of Kindness" card and we left it with the pharmacist to use on the next customer! We also dropped donuts off at the fire station to thank the firefighters for working on Veterans Day.  I still have a few more on my list to do before I get to the full 35. (update: done!)

I struggled with whether I wanted to share this idea - I didn't want to cheapen my Random Acts of Kindness Day by blasting out to the internet that we did them. But honestly, we had SO much fun with this that I felt like I had to pass the idea along. I couldn't stop smiling and the store employees that I let in on the secret were smiling too.  It was all-around great! I stole the idea from a dear friend who did it when she turned 35 (thank you for being an inspiration, Leah!). Even if not for a birthday, I really recommend a "Random Acts of Kindness Day." We will be doing another one sometime soon. I'm thinking we might do just a few on everyone's birthdays every year!

AND... if you want to do your own - here is a printable version of the cute cards I made to leave with each of my "acts of kindness!"  Maybe I'll consider that act #36 ;)

I uploaded it as a pdf and you should be able to download it here!


  1. :) What a great way to spend the day. I'm so glad you had a great 29th Birthday! ;)

  2. Doing this tonight for an activity with some youth. Thanks for the print out and ideas!


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