Thursday, November 21, 2013

Help me Send my Husband AWAY!

Every year, I do a big fundraiser right around the holidays.  I think this is year #4 for me.  I love to be crafty and usually I prefer to make things as gifts for folks. But when I have a good reason, I'm happy to sell my creations. This year's reason: Getting rid of my husband.

Not permanently.

He's headed back to Swaziland this summer and all proceeds from my fundraiser this year go towards his trip.

And this year, I've decided to put one item "on sale" each week.  Now through Saturday, my bag tag/keychains are on sale for $5.  Stay tuned on Sunday for the next sale! Check out "the store" for more stuff:

The Bag Tags are clear acrylic circles.  But I can put a color behind it if you'd like! Customized with an image and a name. Shoot me an email at yklj AT triad DOT rr DOT com to order. I charge actual shipping if you aren't local.

I made this one for my mama!

These can be used as Gift Tags. This year, my kids are going to leave them out for Santa to use
and he can use them for their gifts every year.

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