Monday, November 4, 2013

Advent Conspiracy and where to shop for Christmas!

Here we go! Halloween has come and gone and though I know Thanksgiving is next, most of us have set our sights firmly on Christmas.

Actually, I love Thanksgiving - we spend it with my husband's side of the family. My in-laws have 7 grandchildren (ages 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, and 3! My sister-in-law and I have graciously taken turns each year adding kiddos to the fam) and we have a blast!

So I'm not trying to make Christmas come too early. I'm just really excited about what our church is doing for Christmas this year and I know y'all have already started shopping. Or at least thinking about it.

Missio dei:gso will be taking part in the Advent Conspiracy this year. We have known about this for many years and have done our own version just with our family.  We are beyond excited to be part of a church community that wants to focus on this together!  Want to know what it is? Watch this (it's quick and worth it, I promise)


So... in the spirit of not-spending as much and giving meaningful gifts, I thought I'd highlight some of my current favs!  And (shameless self-promotion), I will be doing a Christmas fundraiser to help send Rob to Africa this year too!  More on that in a few weeks.  For now, check out some WONDERFUL ideas for a more meaningful gift-giving:

Connected in Hope
If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know about the Women of Mt Entoto (if not, click here!). It's the worst of jobs: barefoot women (and young girls) carrying back-breaking loads of firewood down the mountain. For about $2 a day. Having to leave their children unprotected at the top of the mountain, being abused by police, shunned by society.  Connected in Hope empowers women in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to weave scarves for a good wage, so that they can feed their families, pay for medication, educate their children. Give the gift of a beautiful scarf that helped a woman regain her life.

Read about Anna Malika's story - it is beautiful.
Women and children all over the world are being trafficked for the sex trade. It's not a pleasant subject, but it is happening.  Elegantees works to rescue women in Nepal who have been trafficked, teaches them to sew and sells the clothing so that the women can earn a sustainable wage.  The founding director has never taken a salary and their prices are very very reasonable!

Noonday Collection
Noonday has beautiful jewelry and accessories, made by artisans all around the world for fair-wages AND they give a percentage of their proceeds to adopting families as grants to help them cover their adoption costs. Need I say more? Love them.

Heart for Swaziland
A friend of mine is heading to Swaziland to volunteer with Heart for Africa next summer and she is selling the CUTEST necklaces to help her fund her trip! Check these out:
She has so many different styles. This one's my favorite.

Want to buy local AND recycled? Check out Greensboro's own Basslets!  My friend Dunia grew up with the sounds of guitar around her for her whole life and was certain there was a better option than tossing those old guitar strings in the trash. I love her solution: Jewelry made from recycled guitar strings! I have a set of the bracelets and I really love them! I think I've been wearing them almost every day for the past week.

Happy Shopping!

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