Monday, March 18, 2013

The Homemade Fair-Trade Parade: Part III CHALLENGE: One week, one dress, five dollars.

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Okay folks, I have a challenge for you.

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and said "I have nothing to wear!"? I know I have. I'm really not all that fashion savvy. I don't buy new clothes hardly ever and by the time I adopt a new trend, you can be certain it's already on its way out. But I admit I have had moments when I looked at my FULL closet and said in frustration, "I have NOTHING to wear."'

And that's pathetic. I have been blessed to travel to quite a few places in on this beautiful planet of ours. And while I have certainly celebrated the beauty, I have also seen, first-hand, what poverty looks like. I have been to orphanages in the Republic of Georgia where children had only a threadbare shirt and pair of ripped shorts to wear day after day. I have held children in Swaziland who wore the same shirt (shirt ONLY) every day with no shoes.  I have met regular everyday teenagers in Ethiopia who treat their school uniforms with such respect and care, as it is the only thing they have to wear to school and without it, they would not be allowed to attend. I know there are children in my city who don't have winter coats.

And I have the arrogance to complain about having nothing to wear.

So when I heard about a high school girl who is doing "Dress for Change" as her senior project, I knew I would be all-in. I'm hoping you'll want to join me.

Here's the deal: register HERE and commit to wearing just ONE black dress for the week of April 1-7.  For each woman who participates, Sheyanne will make a pillowcase dress and send it to Little Dresses for Africa, a nonprofit that has already provided 1.5 million dresses for girls throughout Africa. And, you know, leave me a comment 'cause they make me smile. :)

Are you willing to make a small sacrifice to make a difference in the life of a child? And what a great opportunity to cultivate gratitude in your own life.

I'll be taking pictures and blogging about my week. If you blog/facebook/tweet, do that!

One week, one dress, five dollars. And a little more joy on our planet.
Sounds good to me.

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