Sunday, March 31, 2013

"I have NOTHING to wear!"

Have you ever found yourself staring at your closet, thinking "I have NOTHING to wear!".  Sadly, I have. I've looked at my full-full closet and declared it empty, even knowing that there are people who truly have just a few articles of clothing to wear. sad.

Some friends of mine and I are participating in Dress for Change week starting tomorrow! It's not too late to join me!

Here's the nitty gritty:
This is the senior project of a girl in high school. For every woman who registers, she will make a pillowcase dress and donate it to Little Dresses for Africa, an organization that donates dresses to girls who truly have very little to wear.
Participants donate $5 and agree to wear only one dress for the week of April 1-7.

I'm excited about this week. It's a way I can cultivate a spirit of gratitude in my own life as well as raising awareness about poverty world-wide. And, uh, I'm supposed to be learning something about accessorizing in the meantime (something tells me I will look like I'm wearing the same dress all week, but you never know!)

So from tomorrow through next Sunday, here's what I will be wearing:

Well, or this :

While the point of the whole project is to realize just how MUCH I have, I did order a little black dress from They are an organization that works to get women out of the sex trade in Nepal. Dresses are sewn by women who have been rescued from the sex trade there in Nepal and proceeds go towards helping rescue more women. I thought that was a GREAT reason to buy a new dress.

BUT... if you know me, you know I am awesome awful at technology. So when my new little black dress arrived, I was surprised to find a new little lavender dress instead. I clicked the wrong button! But I love love love the dress, so I'm just gonna keep it.  But I still wanted to blog about it so y'all will go check out Elegantees! They are wonderful!

I resisted the temptation to buy another dress and instead made my own! I have way more fabric than I should just sitting in my sewing room. And I had two pretty big pieces of knit just sitting around, waiting for me to do something with them. So I made two (pretty similar) dresses. I think the black one's going to be easier to wear for a whole week, but help me out!

Which one should I wear??? The black one is shorter, so I can probably wear jeans under it one day as if it's a long top and it has a gathered waistline.  The camel-colored one is longer, I put the pockets in a better spot, and it has box pleats in the front & back.

So cast your vote..... NOW! :)

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  1. Thanks for giving a shout-out to all the trafficked Nepalis! I'm actually good friends with the lady who runs Freedom Matters, if you ever want to start some community organizing in Nepal

    I think you look great in the first dress (the black one). But you would look good no matter what you wear. Just make sure to pick something comfortable if you're only wearing one thing this week :) (Make sure you buy some deodorant too...!)


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