Saturday, November 3, 2012

Election Day Prayers

I took my kids to vote this week. I really appreciate that they do the kids vote thing. It definitely gave me the opportunity to have some great conversations with my kids.

Sadly, it was an important conversation to me because I fear what they'll learn about politics outside of our home. Politics has become a culture war.

I told them they do not have to vote the same way as Mommy and Daddy and that we don't even always vote for all the same people.  Each person needs to vote for the people they like best and it is okay for that to be different.  Just because we both love God doesn't  mean we'll be in agreement with political stuff. There is no perfect candidate.  Jesus doesn't make endorsements.

We talked about respect and how important it is to respect the person who holds the office of President and to respect the person who challenges the office.  And we talked about how that respect is seriously missing in how people talk about the election today.

The last is a message I've been saying a lot lately. Partly because I believe it, but also because I need to really live it: It doesn't matter who wins this next Presidential election. Not in the grand scheme of things. Our hope lies in Jesus. The Bible makes no mention of any kind of savior coming from the American government. I don't believe that America is the world's best hope. The world has a best hope, but he doesn't live in a white house.

That doesn't mean we can't try to pick the best person for the job. I do have a candidate that I like better.  But I am not praying he'll win. Instead I'm praying for my heart. I'm praying that I won't be disappointed on election day if he loses and that I won't really celebrate if he wins.  Because I will pray for my President on November 7th and I will pray for my President on January 20th whether those are two different people or the same man.

And I don't expect him to be able to fix all our country's problems.

As a Christian, I know how I am to live. More importantly, I know who I am to love.  The Bible says to carry the message and to love others and that God will change hearts. There's no moral policing in my job description.

But I'm in danger of getting sucked in... there really is a candidate I like better and my heart feels pulled in one direction.  So I'm praying for my heart. I pray I remember what really matters.

No matter who wins on Nov 7th, how I am to live doesn't change. I serve a God of grace and love who is not limited by men who sit in authority.

Thank goodness!

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  1. Kirsten, I completely agree. I especially liked the part regarding respect towards both sides. God Bless!


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