Friday, October 5, 2012

Gold medals, tent cities, and kisses

Yesterday was an eventful day for Amani and me. Joey Cheek, US Gold medalist for speed skating, was in town to do some fundraising for the IRC, the day resource center that serves our homeless population here in Greensboro. He wanted to see where some of our homeless folks are living and so the IRC asked StreetWatch to bring him out to one of the tent cities.

SIDE NOTE: Have I mentioned that Amani has "third child syndrome?" ha! He does seem to get dragged along to a lot of events. He's such a great sport about it. Amazing kiddo. I totally would have left him home if Rob's schedule had been free.

So StreetWatch arranged for us to have a little breakfast party at the tent city. Biscuitville, Krispy Kreme, and Harris Teeter donated food and we bought some coffee. And my homeless friends got to meet Joey Cheek and his girlfriend, Margaux Isaksen, who is an Olympic pentathlete (yeah, I had to google that one).

And I stood back and watched. The news crew wasn't there about StreetWatch, plus Michele knows infinitely more about homelessness than I do, and I was very happy to stay away from cameras and reporters.  And my heart filled with joy as I watched an Olympic Gold medalist make his way around the camp, sitting down to talk with my friends, LISTENING to them. Allowing them to have a voice for the morning. I'd check in with them from time to time to ask what they were thinking and they all talked about how great it was, how much fun they were having, what a blessing it was.

I do realize a two-year old in a tent city is not what you'd expect to find. Plus, we are that "visible family" after all, so I got a couple of questions about Amani and adoption.  And Margaux loves children, so she was all about talking to Amani. She asked to hold him and I am proud to announce that Amani has had his first crush: on an Olympic athlete, no less! :)  She really is super-sweet and she was so kind to him all morning. You know how that makes a mama's heart happy.  And it kept him so content that I didn't even have to bribe him with the 2nd half of his Krispy Kreme doughnut (now THAT's an an achievement!)

So here's the funny part. When it was time for them to leave, Amani went to give her a hug goodbye... and planted a kiss right on her lips!! She was really gracious and sweet about it and everyone started joking to Joey that he was losing his girl. He said something like, "I was always afraid that would happen, but I never thought I'd lose her to a two year old."

Thanks Michele for getting a picture of this! :)
Big day for Amani: first crush, first kiss. Leave it to my child to pick an Olympic pentathlete!

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