Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guest Post: TOMS Miracle

My husband, two of our closest friends, and one of our amazing youth all traveled to Swaziland this past summer to work with Heart for Africa.  And the trip was even more exciting this year because TOMS shoes has partnered with Heart for Africa and they go to do a shoe distribution day.  When I skyped with Rob that night, my eyes filled with tears as he told me what happened that day.  Since I wasn't there, I asked my friend Amber to write a blog post for me about it. Prepare to be amazed, my friends!

Here you go:

So my friend Kirstin asked me to guest blog and tell a little about my recent trip to Africa. My first thought was, "I'm not a writer, I can't do this", but then I realized, why did I go if not to give my testimony about how God is an amazing and loving God.

My husband and I went to Swaziland, Africa over the summer. We went with a Christian organization called Heart for Africa to love on and encourage the people of Swaziland. This summer Heart for Africa partnered with TOMS shoes. One of our objectives while we were there was to shoe the children of Swaziland. Towards the end of our trip we got to spend three days at a school called Ebholi.  About 300 children attend this school from grade k-7th.

The first day there we played with the kids, sized them for the shoes they would be getting the next day and helped with planting a garden. It was an amazing time and it made me miss my three children back home.

The next day we set up shop in one of the classrooms. As we were bringing in the 14 boxes of shoes we became a little nervous that we had three boxes of size 219 shoes, knowing we had not ordered that many of that size.

One by one the children came in to receive their new shoes. We began with the biggest sizes. We were on a roll. Shoes were fitting, children were smiling and we were incredibly humbled- being on your hands and knees putting shoes on those less fortunate than you will immediately change your perspective on life. And then it happened- our fear- we were running out of the sizes we needed. We still had children that needed size 240, 236, 228 and so on and we didn't have anymore, all we had to fit those children were the three boxes of 219. And so we prayed- we prayed hard!

You know how you hear people say 'It was a God thing'? Well we were standing in the presence of "a God thing"! Those three boxes of size 219 fit children who the day before had been sized for a bigger size or a smaller size. It was a miracle and the looks on our faces said it all as the children were walking out with these miracle shoes. How were they fitting?, and not ill-fitting either, they were fitting perfectly!

It seems that people claim 'it was a God thing' after the fact; we knew we were standing in the presence of God working. It was happening right before our eyes.

That trip changed our lives and we can't wait to get back. To serve the least of these is what our Savior Jesus Christ has commanded us to do and so we will.

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  1. Hey, I remember that! It truly was a God-thing and what a blessing it was to not only the kids, but to us too. I actually just teared up reading that. Thanks Amber! (and Kirsten!)


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