Friday, July 6, 2012

Christmas in July!

I am very excited to announce that my husband will be traveling to Swaziland later this month to work with Heart for Africa and love on some orphans and vulnerable children AND distribute some TOMS shoes! :) That's not really an announcement since we've known he was going for two years, but all his fundraising is done! He's going, it's a done deal! God is good!!!

And that means that now I get to start fundraising for MY trip to Swaziland in 2013.  The Cassells don't go on vacation... we go to Africa. I promise you, it's better than a trip to the beach. :) But, uh, a teeny bit more expensive. Someday we hope to go together again, but for now, we're taking turns. We're such good sharers like that. :)

So here we go... a little Christmas in July! I thought I'd sell a few stocking stuffers!  All proceeds go towards my Heart for Africa trip next year.

And keep checking back - I have a few more designs to come. As soon as I can find all those plain glass ornaments I bought around Christmastime, I will have some super-cool custom ornaments for sale too! (and if anyone can tell me where I put them, I'll give you one for free... heh!)  And I will ship - cost is actual shipping and I'd guess it would be $2-$3 to ship!

Right now I have two of each design. If I sell out, I'll take custom orders. I still have Hello Kitty, and Batman & Batgirl masks on tap. Yes, there is smoke coming out of my sewing machine!

Pretend Play Masks and Cuffs $15:
Superhero Mask & Cuffs (more colors available!)
Ready to save the day!

Angry Birds are tough... and, uh, angry.

Angry Birds - Red Bird and Black Bomb Bird Mask & Cuffs

Riley is super-serious about his Spidey pose

Spidey Mask & Cuffs

Sweet Snow White
Snow White Mask & Cuffs


  1. Neat designs and great models

  2. If you get a Wonder Woman and Superman design let me know- Naomi and Seth would be all over it!


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