Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas in July - updated!

My wonderful husband found the Christmas ornaments I bought last year at Christmastime so now I have one more thing to add to the Christmas in July fundraising sale!  All proceeds will help me return to Swaziland during the summer of 2013 (and hopefully bring a team of folks with me) to work with Heart for Africa.

Email me at yklj AT triad DOT rr DOT com or leave a comment if you are interested!

Paint-your-Own Canvas Artwork $10
Oh how I love these!  What you get: a white 12x12 canvas with your child's name in a white sticker (it's black in the picture so you can see it). You pick the font.  Let your child paint all over it, allow it to dry, and carefully peel the stickers off.  A perfect masterpiece for the playroom or bedroom!

I can do pretty much any font you can find!
Riley wanted his to be Transformers and Allyn said hers looks like Rapunzel's hair.

Custom Christmas Ornaments $12
The sky's the limit with these! I can do whatever you'd like!  This is a glass ornament with a double-sided image inside and a color-coordinated name on the outside.  The image floats inside the ornament! You can email me a picture or send me a link to a picture of what you'd like or just tell me and I'll find it! My kiddos will be getting Ninjago ones for Christmas this year! It's a great way to remember what your kids were into this year (I can add the year to it if you want).
I currently only have 10 of these available. 

Pretend Play Masks and Cuffs $15:
Superhero Mask & Cuffs (more colors available!)
Ready to save the day!

Angry Birds are tough... and, uh, angry.

Angry Birds - Red Bird and Black Bomb Bird Mask & Cuffs

Riley is super-serious about his Spidey pose

Spidey Mask & Cuffs

Sweet Snow White
Snow White Mask & Cuffs

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