Monday, June 11, 2012

An inside look at the 7 month fast

My kids will be participating in some of the months of the seven month fast - I know they'll be in on possessions, waste, and media months.  But for our first month - food - there was no real way I could only have them eat seven foods. First of all, one of them is three and she changes the list of foods she'll actually eat about every five minutes.  And while I feel like my list is really healthy, it's not really that great for growing kids to miss out on variety for a whole month.

That being said, my kids are VERY aware that my husband and I are only eating seven things this month. And we've been talking with them a lot about why we're doing this. So I thought I'd let y'all in on this month from my kids' perspective.

Amani - way too young to know what's going on, but happily eats the dinners I've cooked for the kids PLUS bites of whatever Rob and I are having. :) I think he'll miss the variety at dinner next week.

Riley - my sweet oldest child who, so far, is our most spiritually-connected kiddo. He routinely offers me some of whatever he's eating. When I say no, he asks "oh, is it not on your list?" Then proceeds to tell us that he's going to give something up too... cookies!

Allyn - my independent, sassy, give-you-a-run-for-your-money middle child.  Not to be outdone by her older brother, she also declares she will be giving up something this month: broccoli. So self-sacrificing, that one.

Well, at least one of them seems to get it! :)

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