Thursday, March 29, 2012

Babies and School

My head has been spinning lately.  The short version of the story is that my oldest got into a local charter school. One that is impossible to get into. Well not impossible, apparently.  There were 1500 applicants for 30 spots and we got one of them.  You'd think I'd be overjoyed. Instead, I'm not sure we're going to take the spot. It's a fabulous school but not very racially diverse. Hence my head spinning.

Also... we are overjoyed and have been praying like crazy for the babies who are now living at the El Roi baby home in Swaziland.  Go here to read about them! How amazing!!! And I am so jealous of my friends and husband who are traveling there this summer.

Speaking of, and just to catch up on some loose ends... we did have a lot of folks donate to the Human Race for Heart for Africa. I think we raised over $300 just from my little post about it.  Only two folks wanted to be entered into the drawing for the tumbler, so I got a little lazy about making the announcement.... so a very belated drum roll goes to..... KELLY H!  :)  Kelly, we can chat at church and figure out what you want on your tumbler! Congrats!

I also have another opportunity for a giveaway to tell y'all about.  My dear friends Emily & Graham are adopting two children from Ghana. They are having a big ole yard sale this weekend to raise funding for their adoption (so if you live in Wilmington, you should go!).  To help out, I offered to make a custom embroidered t-shirt for them to raffle off. Click here for more info on their fundraiser and to enter the raffle.

I really am praying a lot lately. I'm having to take an honest look at myself and at how I want to educate my children.  This school thing is such a tough choice for me. I've been joking with my friends that I'm probably the only person in our entire city who would get the acceptance letter to this school and first laugh and then later cry.  Sheesh.


  1. breathe in....breathe out....
    You'll do the right thing! Of that I have no doubt!
    Sending prayers & love always...

  2. Ok, this is totally random and has nothing to do with your post - but I always see you posting comments on other people's blogs and praying for the families that are waiting. We're at 19 months now and I so appreciate all the prayers you are sending out for the waiting families. We know we still have months to go, but so appreciate those families who already have their kiddos home still thinking and praying about the rest of us! So thank you thank you!! And, with that, I'll definitley say a prayer that you find peace in whatever decision you make about the school!!

    All the best,
    (S-DC family on FBI - lucky number 11 right now)


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