Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The blessing of surgery...

Amani's 2nd surgery is today. Ugh. I know what to expect this time in terms of pre-surgery stuff, but that doesn't make it all that much easier.

And so far, he is NOT very happy with this whole "no food at all" thing this morning. I woke him up at 11:30 last night and fed him a banana. Which was a pretty funny experience. He kept looking at me like, "I like this banana, but what the HECK are you doing!?!?"  But this morning, I'm not sure it's really made much of a difference.

Anyway, we sure could use some prayers this morning.

And you know what? Today is a blessing! We have the opportunity to make sure Amani's health is the best it can be. When you leave yourself open to adopting a child with "medical needs" you never really know what you're going to be facing to take care of your child.  We are SO thrilled that Amani's issues can be handled with something as simple as a couple surgeries. Surgeries that would never have happened had he spent all of his childhood days in an orphanage in Ethiopia. And here, they really are fairly simple procedures. Amazing.

So, while I am not-at-all looking forward to the rest of my morning with my hungry son screaming and wondering why in the world we aren't feeding him, I rejoice in today, thankful for the opportunity to take care of my sweet boy!  And I praise God for wonderful friends (especially you, Jenn) for watching my older two so that I don't have to go it alone today... hooray! Rob can come with me! :)

Thanks for the prayers, y'all! :)

UPDATE: He came through the surgery wonderfully and didn't fuss even for a minute about being hungry once we got in the car to go to the hospital! I can't say enough wonderful things about Baptist!  I think recovery's going to be harder than last time and he was in some pain when we got home but I can't begin to tell y'all how wonderful it feels to know we are done with surgeries! WHOO HOO!


  1. So seemingly simple - and yet such a huge reminder to those of us who at times take our health care for & big hugs to all and special prayers coming for Amani...

  2. Awwww, poor little guy, and poor you! But, you're right, the medical care we have here in the states is such a blessing. Praying it all went well today!


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