Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year... another surgery! :(

Happy New Year! Wow - what a difference a year makes. Last year at this time we had just learned about the big Gladney slow-down in Ethiopia. We didn't know it would be three more months before any more referrals would go out, I didn't know it would be SIX more months till we would see our sweet Amani's face.  The beginnings of 2011 were a time of great anxiety and fear for me. But God used that time to grow my patience, to grow my faith, to teach me how to rely on Him when I really truly had no control over my circumstances. Our church family rallied around us in ways that I had never imagined.

If there is anything I learned in 2011, it is that my family is loved.

This year I am celebrating that, at the moment, I have all of my children at home with me. We do have tentative plans to adopt again... but not for a looooooong time. Next time, we plan to adopt a slightly older child, though, and I do wonder if he/she is born yet. But I'm trying not to get ahead of myself!!!

I do have a little 2012 anxiety already. We have decided to go ahead and have Amani's second surgery... the one I was hoping to push off until after the summer.  But we're going to go ahead and get it over with - the doctors said medically the earlier we do it the better. And then we'll be all clear for pool-time this summer. Sigh. I just hate the thought of sending him off to the operating room again.

But we have discovered an amazing tool in helping us with some of our attachment issues....

drum roll please.....


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Amani has had some terrible constipation and we were trying to manage it with juice, probiotics, and pears. The child was full of juice, probiotics and pears.  And was still straining and in pain and whiney and crying and miserable.  So we tried Miralax and I have a brand-new child! Seriously, he is amazingly different.

That doesn't mean all the attachment stuff is figured out. But making him more comfortable has made a MAJOR difference in our days. We now have more good days than tough days, and that has been WONDERFUL!  We are still going to check in with an attachment therapist though. Mostly because I know we are not perfect parents and I'd love some tips on what we could do better AND I am hoping for some peace of mind so that every time he cries longer than 5 minutes I don't begin to fear that he'll have emotional problems for the rest of his life.

This is kind of a fluff post... sorry. I do have some thoughts on race that I plan to share soon. But that would take a lot longer to write out... and being a mom of three who is addicted to sewing and crafting doesn't leave as much time for blogging as you might think :)


  1. Happy New Year to the Cassell family - how wonderful that you have all 5 of you together!!!! Sending lots of love always...'auntie'

  2. :) I should have thought your solution would be something funny like Miralax! Lol.. So glad it is helping little Amani! I am hoping that this year might have a visit to NC in store for the King family! :)


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