Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday. Hopefully you will hear something at church today about orphans. I know our church did not recognize it last year and I came home really discouraged. So I decided if I wanted our church to do something I'd have to ask... so I'm speaking at church today along with a friend of mine who went to Swaziland recently. I am NOT a public speaker. I hope it goes well.  I'll post what we said later this week.

But for now, I want to leave you with some resources in case you haven't heard anything about Orphan Sunday today.

Click to see the Orphan Sunday website and video

Also, a friend of mine posted this last week:
How Does God Feel about Orphans?
Read it. Don't skim it. READ it.  God has a LOT to say about orphans.

And some of my favorite links to info on how to care for orphans:
Heart for Africa - Travel to Swaziland to empower local churches to help the orphans in their community; learn about Project Canaan as HfA comes alongside Swazis to help them create real change in their country.
It's Not Okay With Me. - Janine Maxwell (of Heart for Africa) tells how God called her to Swaziland
 Is it Okay With You? - Janine's second book.  Both are a MUST read.
Orphanology - A great book not just about WHY Christians must care for orphans, but HOW churches should go about doing so. It has some great adoption stories and ideas for other ways to care for orphans outside of adoption.
Lifesong for Orphans - What an amazing organization. We did our fundraiser, Both Hands, through Lifesong. They partner with orphanages overseas, help churches here establish adoption funds for church members who want to adopt, and much more.

I'm beyond thrilled that our church is recognizing Orphan Sunday today. We'll spend 7 minutes of our service time talking about how God loves orphans and calls us to love them too.  Last year I read about churches that had adoption and foster care booths set up for after the service so that people could come by and get more info. There's a church in the Raleigh area that called social services and asked how many foster homes they needed... and then hundreds of families from that church became foster parents!  This is why we do Orphan Sunday. I pray that next year our church does even more than our 7 minute presentation.

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