Sunday, November 13, 2011

Help Me Send My Husband AWAY...

... to Swaziland, that is!

Sometimes I think we have been nonstop fundraising ever since Rob's first trip to Swaziland in 2008.

It's kinda true.

So now we're raising funding for his next trip (the one I had really hoped to be on... sigh).  And I thought I'd have a "Help Me Send My Husband AWAY" Sale.

I sew lots of stuff and I am a terrible entrepreneur. I just hate selling it.  But when I have a good reason (aka orphan-related trips to Africa or adoptions), I find a way to put some prices on my hard work!

I'll put up some stuff on the "Store" page of the blog and as soon as it's all gone, I'll add some more stuff! Kind of like an on-going deal-of-the-day kinda thing.

First up are some super-cute turkey barrettes (and one owl): $3 each!

Email me at yklj AT triad DOT rr DOT com and let me know if you want one! Shipping is $1. And, if you care, let me know if you'd like the clip to be pointing left or right!

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