Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adoption Month and an update

Just a quick blog update! November is Adoption Month and I had to share the facebook status of a fellow adoptive mama, Lyndsay, today:

Today begins NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH... Pray for the day that it is just a "given" that we find it unacceptable that children would suffer and die alone because our vehicle and house payment took precedence and priority.

Wow. I don't think I need to say anything after that.

But for those of you wanting an update on Amani and on "how we're doing," here is the latest:

Amani has gained a pound an a half in the four short weeks he's been home. I'm not surprised... sometimes I think he's part vacuum-cleaner.  He really is a great eater.

I am FINALLY starting to see some improvements in his breathing since his surgery! Praise God. I seriously was thinking we'd had the surgery for nothing. We go back to the ENT soon to see about what our next steps might be.  We have a series of other doctor/specialist appointments this month as well. So pray for Rob and I as we make some decisions for him about his health.

And things are getting easier. The last four weeks have been hard. Some days have been REALLY hard. Adopting is hard. I knew that before. But knowing it and living it are two different things.  We are not out of the woods yet, but I'm getting paid back with some beautiful smiles and snuggles. And I have I told you he gives spontaneous kisses? They are the drooliest, slobbery-est kisses, but I love them!

And he got to meet his grandpa!!! My dad has/had cancer and was going through radiation treatments while I was in Ethiopia (our family rarely does drama one event at a time) and so we had to wait for him to be cleared before he could come down to meet Amani. It was a wonderful gift that he was finally cleared and could come.  My dad has always made those funny "clicking" sounds at my kids, especially when they were babies. It just so happens that that is one of Amani's favorite things to do...they're buddies already.

Oh yeah... and we celebrated Halloween:

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