Monday, October 10, 2011

Surgery Day

I'm sitting in the hospital watching my sweet boy sleep in those weird baby-hospital-bed-crib things, so I thought I'd do a quick post!

I wish I'd brought a camera with me today 'cause he was just the world cutest patient in his little gown. You'll just have to imagine it :)

I was anxious about today. To be honest, I was anxious about this morning. I wasn't really worried about the surgery. Lots of my friends' kids have had tubes put in. And a few more have told me they had adenoidectomies too. And they all were fine.  What I was worried about was pre-surgery.

You see, my sweet, food-loving, food-issues child was to have NOTHING to eat or drink until after his surgery today.  That would make for a tough morning for any child, but for my child who is just learning to trust me, this was a big deal.  I was so anxious about that moment when he looked at me and signed "more" and I couldn't respond.  We've been responding to him as quickly as possible when it comes to food. We need to build up that trust that food comes when he asks for it. Every time. Fast.  But today, I had to wake him up at 5:30 and then refuse to feed him for 2 hours until he went back for surgery. I can't even begin to tell you how much I was dreading it!

Let me tell you I could feel the prayers this morning. I know lots of our family and friends were praying for us. He got mad a couple times but he managed really much better than I thought he would. Although man did that blood pressure cuff on his leg make him mad. yikes.

And then I had a small "moment" with the anesthesiologists.  Because he is a newly adopted child, I wanted to stay with him until he was out under anesthesia.  And a friend of mine from church had told me she had done that with her daughter. So I knew it was possible. I asked and was told quite briskly, "no, that is not our policy." I explained that he's newly adopted. I explained attachment issues. I asked if there was someone else I could speak to. She brought another anesthesiologist who basically said the same thing but with more words. He told me that, to them, it was not a medical issue and therefore my child did not require anything different.

Crying, I told them that if it was my biological child, I would put them on a stretcher and wave goodbye. I told them I was not trying to be difficult, but that I needed to do my best by my son and that I needed to stay with him until the last possible second, so that he was not taken away from me on a stretcher, screaming.  They conceded enough to say I could walk with them up to "the red line" (which was not really a concession).

And then our wonderful surgeon stepped in. I had heard great things about him from friends but this man certainly proved them right.  It's Dr. Bates at Greensboro ENT in case anyone is wondering.  He looked at me and said "I'm more familiar to him, how about if I carry him in my arms." Amani's only met him once, but that really was nice of him, and judging by the comments I heard from the anesthesiologists later, that was not a normal thing for him to offer.  And luckily Amani was given some oral meds just before which made him a little loopy.

So instead of watching my child rolled off in a stretcher, screaming, reaching out for me, I was able to hand him over into the arms of his surgeon. He did reach for me, but there was no screaming, no crying (at least not on his part).

God is so good.

And, of course, I cried. I was no longer worried about pre-surgery. I wasn't fighting for the opportunity to stay with my child. I just had to wait. And I cried and prayed.

And he's just fine.

Although we had a tiny glitch. Apparently someone was supposed to tell us to plan to spend the night at the hospital. Instead, they told us we'd be discharged straight from the recovery room.  Imagine our surprise when Dr. Bates said "I know you were planning to stay the night but I'm thinking as long as he's still doing well by 4 you can probably take him home." Um, what? I had two diapers in my diaper bag and one bottle.That was it. I hadn't showered, thinking I'd take one as soon as we got back home!

So there I was in the recovery room, texting a friend to see if she could watch Allyn for the morning and pick Riley up from school! Thank God for great friends!

It's 3:20. You know in 40 minutes I'll be hitting that call bell asking them to start the discharge process!

But for now I'll just watch that sleeping boy and be thankful.

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  1. I understand! So sorry your heart had to cry today!! You are such a good mommy!--Elaine (waiting to adopt again and feeling some of our recent experiences are preparing us for days like yours)


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