Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our New "Normal"

Amani has been home for three whole days.  Three days of having three kids.

Here's what life looks like so far:

I never organized Amani's clothes in his drawers since I wasn't quite sure what size he wore. So right now all his clothes are in piles on the couches in the living room. I have to walk out there to find clothes for him. Except for socks. Those are in a drawer in his room.

I also never quite figured out what I wanted to do about a changing table. Allyn's room was the "baby room" since it has a built-in desk that was a perfect changing table. But now it's a desk again. But we put the diapers on top. So we have to walk into Allyn's room to get a diaper, then I've been changing him on my bed, on the floor in his room, on the floor in the living room, wherever.

He doesn't appreciate food preparation. I was prepared for food issues so I expected this, but when Rob took Riley to soccer practice Tuesday night, I figured I could handle making mac & cheese for Amani and Allyn. Not so much. He screamed the entire time I was making it. It didn't matter if I held him or not. I ended up quickly heating up leftovers for him to eat while the mac & cheese finished up cooking but by then he was so worked up he couldn't sit in his high chair.  Fun times.  I'll be working on some new strategies... or maybe we'll just be eating take out for the rest of our lives!

And, just to sum up our new "normal":

I went to give Amani a bath tonight and reached into the linen closet for a baby washcloth. Instead I got a pair of my underwear.

Hey, at least I'm putting laundry away!


  1. I do love your journey - I either laugh or cry in almost every one!
    Keep smiling hon - you're amazing!

  2. You're finding it - your new normal! So happy you all are together. Complete organization is overrated :)

  3. Congrats on brining Amani home! I am way behind on my blog reading :)
    So thrilled for you!!!
    Did you happen to take pictures of Gladney kiddos? Just wondering if you got any of my girl (forget to ask if you could while you were there).


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