Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Support Adoptive Families

I read a lot of blogs. Pretty much all of them are adoption blogs (or sewing blogs).  Today I happened to read a post from one of the blogs I follow. It's short and sweet and pretty much just all-around great:

As I read it, all I could think was "YES!"... and then I thought, isn't that what all families need?

And, like Julie, the writer of that blog, I certainly need grace. I got some pointed comments about having left Riley and Allyn to go to Ethiopia to get Amani, not knowing how long I'd be gone. I've gotten some hurtful comments about what adopting a child from another country would do to my biological children and how adoption takes away from them, both emotionally and financially.  As I talk about maybe one day adopting a fourth child, I've been asked if that's right to do, knowing that our family could more easily "afford" three children (see my post about that one)

She's so right. Adoptive families need grace. We might do things that make no sense within the context of our culture. We travel thousands of miles, leaving behind husbands, wives, children, in order to bring home our children. We stretch budgets, do fundraisers, take out loans in order to bring these children home. We spend years working on paperwork, getting fingerprinted, waiting, waiting waiting. We love children who have no genetic ties to us; who sometimes look nothing like us, who need surgeries, medications, and an insane amount of individual attention to get through the day.

We need grace. I need grace. I promise I am just doing my best to be like Jesus. I am going to fail. Miserably. Many times.  But I press on, knowing that God loves orphans, knowing that Amani sleeping in his crib next to his big brother's bed is worth every bit of the craziness.


The word brings peace to my soul.


  1. Not sure I know how to 'give' grace...but I pray for you to have it and to always be surrounded by LOVE...


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