Monday, October 3, 2011


I've been updating facebook and neglected the blog!

Here's our timeline!

We went to the Embassy on Thursday and they wouldn't see us! The person in charge was in a meeting and we were so frustrated that, after waiting for an hour, they told us to send an email.

We hurried straight home and sent an email.

Friday morning we got an email reply saying that they'd received the documents but we were not yet cleared.

Bummed, we decided we were stuck for the weekend. Jaeden & I took Amani up back to Gladney for his injection but on the way there, my phone rang - it was Belay asking how quickly we could get to the embassy! We were cleared! And if we could get there by 11:30 we could have our appointment that day!

In a mad rush, we drove back to the guest house to get Kim & Reisen and our paperwork (remind me to tell you about that drive... oh my! Driving in Africa is an experience all by itself... driving in Africa when you've told your driver you are in a crazy hurry is something altogether different! Whew!)

Another crazy drive and we were at the Embassy at 11:16! We had our appointments, waited on our visas and we were out of there by 12:20! Amazing!

We went straight to the Ethiopian Air office and were thrilled to learn we could get tickets for Saturday!

We arrived home on Sunday afternoon (I'll blog later about the plane flight... let's just say at one point I was contemplating jumping out the window).

I was so surprised when we got to baggage claim! Some of our closest friends were there to meet us!!! It was so wonderful to be welcomed home like that! As soon as I got to the bottom of the escalator I was greeted by Riley and Allyn and their friends... it was so sweet! Our "lunch crowd" from church was all there! So was my best friend from college. We are so blessed to have such amazing friends.  All I can do is marvel at the people God has placed in my life.
Proud Big Brother & Big Sister (and best friend Ella!)
Amani being greeted by friends!

Big Sister's first kiss!

We headed home and Aman did okay in his car seat. Thank God for siblings! They could distract him when I couldn't!! :)

As we turned onto our street, Rob said, "uh, I think there are a lot of people at our house." I was sitting in the way back with Riley so I didn't see at first. I looked up at there were all our youth and their families and some more of our friends with signs, balloons, and they'd even decorated our hedges with streamers. So amazing.

We love y'all! And thank you. Thank you so much for being so supportive over the past two years while we we've been adopting. And thank you in-advance. We know y'all are here for us as we begin this next (harder) step of adoption: parenting.  Thank you for loving our family, for loving Amani before you even met him.

And now we are a family of 5. Praise God!
Our first family picture!


  1. Yay!!!! Praise God that Amani is HOME!!! I truly know all the crazy things God had to orchestrate to make this happen. I cried at your family of 5 picture, so happy for you guys! Praying for you as you enter this next phase of the journey.

  2. Oh my goodness. Reading this post is making me so teary! So glad you and Amani are home with the rest of your family! I know it feels good to just settle in and find your new normal. Praying for you guys in the next step of life!

  3. NO WAY!!! this is amazing!! SO SO happy!!! email me when you get a chance---did anything we talked about help??

  4. Welcome home!! I have the chills and tears looking at all of the pictures of you family and friends...amazing! So lucky to have such amazing support. Good luck with the adjustment. So happy and thankful you are all together.

  5. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! I LOVE this post!!! So glad you guys are home! It's so surreal to see these pictures, I can't believe it's happened, you've finally brought him home!!! It IS possible-so encouraging!!! :) So stoked for you guys, and can't wait to meet him!!! YAY!!!

  6. You posts make me teary too! What a gift it's been to me being so far away! Wonderful job hon!!!
    love & lots of hugs comin' your way!

  7. Welcome Home!!! Beautiful family photo! Thank you for sharing your journey. So happy for you!

  8. So happy to see your back home and that pic of your daughter kissing her bro is priceless!!! Wishing you all the best & a smooth transition as a family of 5!!

  9. Erin (Valenti Bawa)October 10, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    i found your blog through becca's comment section, and i was reading this entry and got to the picture at the end and was like "wait, i know her!" i even met your older boy when he was a newborn (i think our 5 year college reunion weekend). maybe i'll see you again at the 10 year reunion if you are going - my daughter and i are flying in this weekend. congrats on having your baby boy home!


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