Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Cost of Compassion

So I guess the best way for me to keep the blog up lately is to point y'all in the direction of other blogs or other articles. I do actually have some things to say for myself... and I'm hopeful some day soon I'll have a chance to sit and blog about it.

But in the meantime...

I just read this article:

It is great. Please read it. I blogged awhile back about being heartbroken - this is exactly what I'm talking about.

And that's how life has been for us for the past few weeks. It is wonderful having Amani home, but it is hard. It hurts sometimes. And I can't stop thinking about all the other children I left behind in Ethiopia. I cried in Swaziland the night I walked with the women down to the river to get water, knowing it was tainted with diseases that are killing their children. My heart broke for the children I held who have no parents to care for them.

I pray that this kind of compassion stays with me for the rest of my life. And (watch out friends) I pray it is contagious. A LOT of my friends are headed to Swaziland with Rob next summer. And if they don't already know, they are about to find out exactly what it means when we say compassion hurts.

But it's the best kind of hurt. Like that quote from Incubus, I think it's part of how I know I'm alive.  It is so easy for us, especially here in America, to protect ourselves from this hurt.  But I don't want to live in a bubble.  That's not life.  With no risk comes no joy.

I pray that we will take down our walls, take off our protective armor, and allow ourselves to hurt alongside those who are hurting.  That is exactly what Jesus did for us. If we want to be like Him, how else could we expect to live?

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