Friday, October 21, 2011

Bring your good times, and your laughter too...

Someone call Kool & the Gang 'cause we are celebrating! (good gracious, how do I even have any friends? I'm such a nerd.)

This has been an AWESOME week.  Wanna know why? Two families on this journey with us passed court this week! That means two more little girls in Ethiopia now have families. God is so good! I had the absolute honor of meeting these two precious girls while I was in Ethiopia! They are amazing, as are their families! These families didn't pass court before the rainy season, even though they traveled to Ethiopia around the same time we did for court. That means they've been waiting waiting waiting for this news!  Hooray!


One of the cool things about this crazy adoption journey is the connection I have made to other mamas who are on this road with me.  And there are lots of them!  Their blog posts & comments have been inspiring, have kept me sane, and have lifted me up along this journey. I used to think it was weird to have internet-only friends. Now I thank God for them!

I am SO excited to celebrate with them this week! :)

PS. Good gracious, I am sorry for how grumpy I was in that last post. Sometimes I think I should wait 24 hours before clicking "publish."  My outlook is not that negative, I promise! yikes! :)


  1. wishing grace and love to follow the children into their new homes. how absolutely wonderful for all...

  2. Hey, nuthin' wrong with Kool & the Gang! Thanks for sharing in our joy! I'm so glad, too, to have the friendship with other adoptive mamas, nobody else truly understands what it's like or gets the importance of a mission to "find out my child's shoe size"!

  3. Thanks Kirstin for celebrating with us & its funny how that we who are on this journey can connect more than even some of our own family!!


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