Monday, September 5, 2011

The To-Do list this week...

This is my LAST full week at home before I leave!!!  Whoo hoo!

Just a glimpse of what we're doing this week:

Today... family day! Just hanging around the house (and I'm working on my packing and to-do lists)
Tonight - my last four hours at work! Maternity leave, here I come!!
Tuesday: the kids' first day at school! I'll drop them off, then head straight to Target to get the rest of what I need from my list!  Make double of the lettuce wraps for dinner and freeze for while I'm gone. Oh yeah, and Riley has soccer practice.
Wed: Riley to school, Allyn to dance class, haircut for Allyn after school, then AWANA starts that night at church!
Thurs: Both kids to school... how much you wanna bet I have to make another trip to Target? Haircut for me that afternoon (not enough for Locks of Love this time - this will be my first non-Locks of Love haircut in 6 or 7 years!) Make double of the potato leek soup for dinner and freezer for while I'm gone.
Fri: FAMILY DAY! We'll be celebrating Riley's birthday since I'll be gone that day! Hiking at Hanging Rock (please no rain!)
Saturday: Soccer games, birthday parties, Rob has a carwash thing.  And I'm sure, at some point, some general freaking out.
Sunday: Last Sunday at church before I leave! Hmmm... how much will I cry during the service? Maybe I should bring some tissues.
Monday: Head to Charlotte!!! We're going to meet my brother for dinner, then I'm going to stay the night with him and he'll take me to the airport Tuesday morning before the sun comes up!  This will be my tough day - saying goodbye to Rob and the kids.

Whew - this week is going to fly by!  But I'm going to soak up every bit of my sweet kids and husband before I go.  Oh how I'm going to miss them.

But I've got my eyes on the prize now... and I can't wait to lay my eyes on this face:


  1. And now you get to hug him like a mother gets to hug her child and tell him who you really are!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I'm SO excited!! Please do 3 things for me: 1-Let me know when you're coming in/what airport (unless you aren't into that). 2-Give him the biggest squeeze for me!!! 3-Have so much fun!! Love you guys!!!

  3. It's a darn good thing you're a type A or you'd never keep up! :-) Remember to take a moment to breathe here and there! lots of love coming' with you from already cold Maine! -auntie-


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