Monday, September 12, 2011

My Prayer

Dear God,

Wow. Thank you. Thank you for not leaving me be. Thank you for not letting me live this life as if it were all about me.  Thank you for putting adoption on our hearts years ago, before we were even married, so that when the time came for us to adopt, there wasn't much left to figure out.

Thank you for teaching me about yourself.  For showing me how important orphans are to you. And thank you, so much, for including me in your plans.  I am so not worthy of the honor.  Thank you for opening my eyes to Ethiopia and to Swaziland. We will not abandon our brothers and sisters there.  The finalization of this adoption is only that - the finalization of an adoption. Our commitment remains.

Above all, thank you for calling me to be a parent. We aren't in this journey to adopt a child... we are in this to parent one.  Well, three, actually.  Thank you for my children. Aside my from my husband, they've been your best blessings to me.

When you first placed us firmly on this journey, I had no idea what we would go through. You probably designed it that way. I would have been too scared. There was so much at risk. So much of my heart put out on the line.  YOU gave me the strength to get through.  Thank you for not telling me ahead of time. I am so glad I never had the chance to wimp out.

Thank you for arranging things so that I can go over early. There are too many "coincidences" here for them to be truly coincidences.  Thank you for thinking of two women in North Carolina as you loved two boys from Gondar.

I pray for my own government. That they would find the answers they need so that we can come home and be a family.

I pray for my family as we are apart. Thank you for making us healthy enough to sustain a long separation.

And this journey is not over. Our family has changed. We have three kids. That scares me a little.  We are now a multiracial family and we embrace all that that entails.  That scares me a little too.  I pray for tough skin and soft hearts for all of us when we need it.

Most importantly, I pray that we would reflect you in all that we do. I pray that my children will fall in love with Jesus, just as their parents have.  That we, as a family, can be examples of your grace.



  1. as always - your heart in writing brings tears to my eyes. please put this all in a binder to gift your new son in the future. it's beautiful.
    lots of love and safe travel hon....

  2. I am in awe of your faith and capacity to see the God in all things. There is an indescribable beauty to being willing to open your heart to view the world in that way.


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