Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Mom Thing... it takes a village!

I am pretty sure I blogged about "the Mom thing" last year.  Right around my firstborn's birthday. I guess I think a lot about what it means to be a mom every year around the time I became one.

I love being Mommy. L-o-v-e.  That doesn't mean I'm always calm and graceful and patient (and certainly not perfect!) with my kids, but when it comes down it it, there is nothing else on this earth I'd rather be than their mama.  And in one short week, I will finally be with the third child who will call me Mommy.  That name, to me, is such an honor. And, in this last kiddo's case, very hard-won.  Sometimes I think about my kids and my husband and my eyes fill with tears, wondering how in the world I came to be so blessed. But just to keep things real here, sometimes I think about them and my eyes fill with tears because there's chocolate sauce on the wall and I honestly am not sure if it's there because of the kids or the husband!  But mostly, it's the good kind of tears.

Today I went to Target with my LIST. Everything I think I need for Ethiopia. I mentioned in my to-do list post that I'm sure I'll be head back to Target 'cause I know there's stuff I've forgotten.  I got a bunch of stuff and then I hit the formula aisle.

I was stumped.

You see, he's on a kind of formula there in Ethiopia and I plan to buy that while we're there, but I wanted to bring some so that at least I'd have something in case for some reason I can't buy any right when I get there.  At the first grocery store I couldn't find the formula and had to ask, which made me feel kinda dumb.  I gave up and left.  Then at Target I was in the formula aisle, staring at all the formulas and realized I had NO clue what I was doing.

And that's when I was so glad I'm in the "Mommy club."  Rob says there's this invisible network around me of mamas and we have this unwritten rule that it is always okay to call anytime with a random question.  I know I can text my friend Amy in PA when I can't remember the crazy awesome recipe her pediatrician gave her for her son's terrible diaper rash. I've often called my friend Becky from the diaper aisle at the grocery store to ask what size diapers I'm supposed to get when I'm out buying disposables before going out of town (I use cloth diapers and our girls are the same age/size).  And, likewise, when she was looking into buying a cloth swim diaper for her daughter this summer, she called.  That's just how moms roll: together!

Today I called my friend Amber. Her sweet daughter Emmy is the only child I've ever mixed formula for and fed with a bottle!  I remember the moment clearly because I felt like an idiot when I had to ask her how to mix the bottle!  She was my lifesaver today and successfully got me through the formula aisle. She had been on another call and even ended her conversation early in order to help me figure out what to do!

How in the world did I get so blessed with such wonderful friends!?!?

I wish I could turn this blog post into a giant shout-out to all the mamas who have stood by me over the past five years and partnered with me on this journey to raise our children.  But inevitably I'd forget and leave someone off and then I'd never forgive myself.

But you ladies know who you are: we've been in playgroups, in Little Gym and Kindermusik classes, we drink coffee every week, we sit next to each other in Sunday School, our kids play on a regular basis, we talk at the playground every day after school, we have moms-nights-out, your kids are my youth (or were), we run together (when I can keep up), we head to the "big pool" when the whistle blows, or tag-team trips to the bathroom. Some of you are here in NC... others are oh-so-far away.

Y'all know who you are - you are in my mommy network!  And I don't know what I would do without you.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I think it takes a village to make a good Mom!

Thanks to all of you for being a part of me - I wouldn't be who I am without y'all!  And this next child of mine? He's not just an orphan gaining a mommy... he's gaining a whole village-full of mommies.

And I can't wait for him to meet y'all.


  1. I love that - it takes a village to make a good mom! That is so true!

  2. I remember the week before we went to Ethiopia to meet Eli. I had been so calm and collected. I had some idea of what to do with kids. And then I went to Target to get all the stuff I'd need. And I felt like I was having a panic attack. I had no clue what to get. What does a 14 month old eat? Drink? What about clothes? I freaked...but fortunately had another mom I could call. it does take a village. So glad you have your village!

    Also? You're leaving for Ethiopia SO soon!! So exciting!


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