Friday, September 23, 2011

Just an Update

I think I jinxed myself. As soon as I posted that Amani would sleep for 2 ½ hours every afternoon, he stopped.  For the past three days, he has slept only 30-40 minutes, and wakes up tired and cranky but of course will not go back to sleep. We’ve had some looooooong afternoons with him overtired but refusing to go back to sleep.

So I changed it up today. I didn’t put him down for his morning nap. He got sleepy but he did really well. He ate lunch and fell asleep immediately afterwards!! He’s sleeping now and I am praying he takes a nice long nap, both because I think he’ll be much happier the rest of the afternoon and because after keeping him occupied all morning, I need a little break!!! J He’s so much fun though. He loves to play this game where he takes something off my bed and brings it to me, then brings it back to the bed to switch it out for smoothing else and brings that to me. He’ll do that over and over and over again. And his smile really does light up the room.

Everything with Amani is going really well. Everything with the Embassy? Not so much. I will post later after I get home to explain how I’m feeling about this process. I’ll just say it is not a warm and fuzzy feeling. Our in-country representative was going to go to the Embassy today to talk with them about their unreasonable requests. We are VERY hopeful that we’ll be able to be cleared next week and come home next weekend!!

If you’re an adoptive mama and you are considering going over early, let me tell you: it is wonderful and awful all at the same time. I don’t regret coming over early, not for a minute, but it is really really hard.  Having the extra time with Amani is amazing. He and I are getting some invaluable bonding time and I will always treasure this time we have together. And I think it will help us so much traveling home and those first weeks home with the family. He knows me. He trusts me. We can handle flying home and introducing more family members.

But it is so hard. Struggling with Embassy requests. Not knowing when we’ll be allowed to go home.Missing my other two children and my husband. Emotionally, that is exhausting.  And not being able to leave the guest house really took its toll on me this past week.  There is only so much you can do and time goes by really slowly. And that’s hard when you are stewing over not hearing from the Embassy.  We realized after we left the house to go to the coffee ceremony that we really need to figure out ways to get out from time to time.  We have 3 “events” planned for next week to get us out of the guest house with the boys. I think next week will go by much faster!

And I couldn’t have done this if Kim and Jaeden weren’t here. Just having someone else with you, going through the same thing, is unbelievably helpful. Speaking of Kim and Jaeden, please pray for them if you are reading this: Reisen isn’t sleeping at night. He’s up every hour and a half. They are exhausted.

Fresh vegetables!!!  We’ve been avoiding fresh fruit and vegetables since we got here and I’m usually a really healthy eater so it’s killing me that I haven’t had any fruit, veggies, or milk since I got here.  But Genet, the woman who runs the guest house lived in Texas for 20 years and told me she is really careful and only eats fresh veggies that have been washed a certain way and she said it would be okay to eat what we got!  Kim and I were so excited: tomato, lettuce, cabbage, carrots!  Oh, there will be Ethiopian food in heaven, I guarantee it! J

So will we be throwing up later? We’ll just have to wait and see! There’s your cliffhanger for the next post! J

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  1. praying, praying, praying, you bunches!


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