Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Good News and the Bad News

Today has been one of those good news/bad news kinds of days.

Good News: Amani slept through the night
Bad News: His morning nap was 20 minutes long and he was CRANKY until after lunch

Good News: Amani let me sit down a couple times today
Bad News: He is fighting sleep like crazy. Poor baby

Good News: We were told it’s likely we’ll be cleared mid-week next week!
Bad News: The Embassy is closed the week after that so we’ll probably have to wait two weeks for an appointment. Argh.

The process of adopting is not for the faint of heart… and neither are the first couple days. We’ve been together 3 nights and 4 days now and let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy.
I think I wrote in my last post how I have to convince Amani to let me put him down to play. And if I stand up, or sometimes even move positions, he wants me to hold him again. But he only wants me to hold him while I’m standing up. If I sit down he screams.  Imagine doing that all day long. Whew! But this afternoon and this evening were much better.

And he fights sleep .  Oh does he fight it. I’ve read other adoptive moms’ blogs about sleep. And how scary it is for a child to fall asleep when they don’t really know what’s going on.  We are living it here – I am so sad that he feels he has to be on alert like that.Amani will be so tired he can do nothing but cry. And he’ll put his thumb in his mouth and he’s so tired he almost falls asleep immediately but as soon as he realizes it’s happening he pulls his thumb out and screams.  And I’ll rock him and he’ll start to fall asleep and realize what’s happening and try to sit up.  And scream some more.

But each day has gotten a little better.  Today we played for a long time!! That’s huge! Up until today I don’t know that Amani has played longer than 10 minutes without needing to be held.  So today we played outside for a good long time and most of the time we really were playing together.  And a couple times he let me sit down while he was in the sling. I’ve really grown to appreciate sitting down!
He loves the sling. L-o-v-e-s.Which is good, since I love using the sling.  And we had our first little conversation about it! We were outside playing and he picked up the sling, handed it to me, and cried. When I tried playing peek-a-boo with the sling he cried more. When I stood up and put it on, he lifted his arms and as soon as he was in it, he was fine!  This has happened twice now!

He’s also learning the sign for “more.”  Of course I don’t think he has any clue what it means, but he was copying me during lunch today, signing “more” at random times, usually just after I signed it and gave him a bite of lunch.  I thought that was a great sign! J

As hard as these past few days have been, it is all worth it. I look at him and I know what his future would have looked like had he never been adopted. And even though it’s hard while we’re getting to know each other, by the time we come home we should be in pretty good shape.  And he is so sweet. When we’re playing he smiles and giggles. He loves me to crawl after him across the room – he finds that hilarious.  And he loves the ring stacker. And shoes. He has some little Robeez and he LOVES them and brings them to me and puts them on top of his feet as if to say “hey Mom, I got my shoes!”  He’ll sit still for me to put them on him. I took them off shortly before his nap and he cried.  He’s just a sweet boy.

He also LOVES to walk. The room at the orphanage was probably 10 x 10 and part of it is filled with cribs. He didn’t have much room to walk around. In the guest house, he just walks and walks! We make loops in and out of our room, into the living room, through the kitchen… he just keeps going! And he’s getting better and better at it. Riley and Allyn better watch out!

I am so glad he's in our family!  Now I just have to get that bringing-him-home part figured out!

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  1. I know its hard being away from your other children and husband, half way around the world, but you are doing an amazing job! Thinking of you so often :)


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