Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coffee Ceremony

Yesterday was the coffee ceremony at the orphanage.  Basically it’s when I take Amani back to the orphanage so that his “special mother” which is what they call his primary caregiver can say goodbye. It’s really sweet – his special mother takes him and changes him into traditional Ethiopian clothing and gets to say goodbye and then the families have a coffee ceremony.

But I was really anxious about it. Amani’s special mother, Senet, is wonderful. It was so obvious how much she loved him and he really loved her back. When we were there for court you could see how bonded he was to her. And when she left the room because her shift was over, he cried for her. I am so thankful to her for having taken such wonderful care of Amani until he could come home to our family.

So why was I nervous? Well, I was afraid he’d choose her over me, that he’d cry for her when we left, that all our hard work bonding over the past week would be undone and I’d be back to square one with him freaking out if I moved slightly away and not letting me sit down with him down ever, much less put him down.
I was really nervous.

And guess what? It was wonderful. I need to email my caseworker about it because I’d emailed her just needing some support because I was so anxious. And of course, because she’s so awesome, she’d sent me a really helpful email about it.

Here’s what happened:

He saw her and grinned, but wouldn’t go to her until I took him by the hand and led him over. He kept his eyes on me the entire time she changed him. I got a beautiful picture of the two of them, both smiling!  Then she took him away for a bit, back to his old room to say goodbye. I took that opportunity to take some pictures of some kids in that house whose moms I’d promised I’d bring back updated pictures.  Since he’d really seemed okay when she took him, I didn’t really worry.  And after a little while, there he was, looking for me!  Kim and Jaeden said he’d been looking for me most of the time he was in his old room.
That makes my heart happy.

And I needed some happiness today… we have a holdup with the Embassy. Argh. But hopefully some progress will be made before the end of the week and I’ll have an update soon.

You know what else was wonderful about today? WE LEFT THE GUEST HOUSE!! Today was the first day in a week that we have been able to really leave the guest house. Jaeden and I had made two quick trips to the grocery store but that was it.  Today we drove to the coffee ceremony, went to La Parisienne to get macchiatos and cream croissants to go, went to the Connected in Hope shop, and took a quick trip into the grocery store (we switched out so the boys could stay in the car).  It was so wonderful to get out of the house for awhile. We’ve done some figuring and have found a couple places we can go with the boys so we’re hoping to go out two mornings next week! Whoo hoo! It really was a wonderful change of pace for us to get out for while. Much needed, let me tell you.

Please keep praying for the Embassy process. Kim got some sort-of encouraging news from them today. I got nothing! But I am so hopeful that I’ll hear from them tomorrow.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Something keeps biting me in the night. I’ve woken up the past two mornings covered in bites and today the bites just seemed to get more & more irritated as the day went on. I think the guest house was going to spray something for them today but I’m not sure they did.  It’s so bad that I’m honestly afraid to go to sleep at night!!!


  1. I'm just not surprised that such a bright little boy would see that the love from you is his to keep....
    lots of love and continued prayers coming your way...'auntie'

  2. Hoping things get resolved soon. In my prayers!!

  3. So glad his goodbye was a sweet one. Because that can be so hard. Hoping you clear embassy soon.

    And about the bites - we came back with scabies. Which are mites/bed bugs that we got. You might check to see if that's what it is. They're easy to get rid of, but they're a pain to have. The itching is out of control!


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