Saturday, August 6, 2011

That Rollercoaster Ride...

Just a quick update. After I hit "publish post" on my last blog post, the rest of our a day was a little hectic.  Which was good, because I never had a chance to really break down and cry about not passing court. I kind of figured it would hit me at bedtime.

Well, at 3:30, we got an email from our agency saying that the court has decided to stay open one more week to help process families who are just waiting on their MOWA letters AND that MOWA is working hard to issue as many opinions as they can to help free up the backlog.  This is amazing news - it means we really have a chance to pass court next week!

And... to top it all off, a friend told me that she saw that someone who had court three days before we did found out that they passed court on Friday!

So THANK YOU to all of you who are praying!  And please keep it up - and maybe, just maybe, I'll become a mom to three next week!!!!

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  1. :) Little did you know it would be so soon after this post!


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