Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So you're done right? WRONG!


Oh my goodness!  I owe my friend Amber big time for listening to me whine last night. Let me just share with y'all what the last week has looked like for us:
  • Sunday: Find out a family member is very ill 
  • Monday: Pass court - Amanuel is legally our son!
  • Thursday: minor surgery for Rob, find out we might actually have to update our homestudy (something we've been really hoping we could avoid)
  • Friday: find out our Grandmother Haynes has gone to be with Jesus (sad for us, not at all for her!)
  • Saturday: work 12 hour shift
  • Sunday: work 12 hour shift, Rob leaves for KY to do his grandmother's funeral. Forget to switch cars and have to ask the babysitters for a ride to the airport.
  • Monday: Single parenting, find out we do indeed need to update our homestudy. Talk with social worker to schedule crazy expedited homestudy. Homestudy scheduled for Friday. Oh and I have jury duty on Thursday. Told social worker the house will NOT be as clean as it was for the first home study. Also talked to someone about booking tickets to Ethiopia.
  • Today: Take Allyn to pediatrician for 3 year appt; pick Rob up from airport, head straight to the bank to get money order, then straight to County Courthouse to pick up criminal records (or really, proof that we have no criminal record). Rob needs to get a few more things notarized and then he can mail the whole packet off today!

WHEW!  Thank God I had a feeling we might need to update our homestudy so I did most of the leg work two weeks ago.  But even with that, we've been scurrying to gather together new employer letters, financial statements, two different types of background checks, and making sure everyone's medical forms were current. Really truly, if I hadn't gotten everything together and organized two weeks ago, I would have had a nervous breakdown yesterday. Praise God for foresight (something I certainly don't always have!)

And I just was so frustrated. We passed court last week. All I want to do is go to Ethiopia and bring him home. I don't want any more paperwork, I don't want any more interviews, I don't want to wait on my own government to do their own investigation before I am allowed to bring my own son into the country (insert foot stomp). I feel like Allyn when she crosses her arms, turns her back to us and says "HUMPH!"

But I've seen God caring for us even through all the craziness! I really wanted to travel together with a friend to Ethiopia and she passed court too! So while I won't be going to Ethiopia with my family, I won't be alone!  And some other, very new friends of ours have offered to let me stay with them if I end up in the country for longer than I expect.  AND another friend of mine arranged a contact for me to get plane tickets for about $500 less than I would have gotten with our travel agent.

And today, both times I had to park at a parking meter, there was already time on the clock so I didn't have to put money in.  I know that's really minor, but it felt so good, like a little confirmation from the universe that we're on the right track.

And in case you think you've missed something... no, we haven't gotten clearance to go get our boy. I've decided I just can't wait until they've cleared us to go over there! So I am headed to Ethiopia mid-September with very high hopes that I won't have to stay longer than 3-4 weeks or so.  Please pray we are submitted to Embassy as quickly as possible and that the Embassy clears us as quickly as possible!


  1. Yay!! :) Parking meters are really God's way of hugging us. And I'm excited for your trip! I hear the newest craze is to vacation in Ethiopia in early Fall. Love you!!

  2. had my anxiety up just reading your recent pace!!! I'm so glad about you going over to be with my Amani sooner rather than last minute...can't wait! Lots of love, hugs & prayers coming your way. -auntie-

  3. I can't wait to get our tickets booked! Let's get on that plane and GET OUR BOYS!!! :-)

  4. Wow- amazing days and times. Hang in there - sorry for your loss! But you are seeing the blessings in all of this! Hang in there - your son is worth a few crazy days!


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