Thursday, July 7, 2011

The best big brother...

I have been praying about Riley joining us on this trip to Ethiopia ever since I learned there would be 2 trips.  We had decided he'd be coming with us.  Then he got his 4 year-old shots. It was one of the worst moments of my life. It took me and two nurses to hold him down while he was screaming and writhing and yelling "MOMMY NO" (I even blogged about it here).  After that horrendous experience, I really wondered if bringing him with us was the right thing to do.

I've been praying ever since.

Today was vaccination day.  And I got a call yesterday that they are out of yellow fever so not only would we need to get some shots today but we have to go somewhere else on Friday to get the yellow fever shots.  Two separate shot-incident days for Riley for a total of 3 shots.  Needless to say, my anxiety level was up.

We've been talking about the shots with Riley.  We explained he needed to have them in order to go meet his little brother.  At first he said he'd just stay home.  Once we got our referral and had pictures he began to say he wanted to go meet him.  Last night he told me he was ready to get shots.

All day today he asked when we were going. He told me not only was he not scared but he was excited to get shots. He told me he wanted to go first.  This kid, who is usually my cautious sensitive one, was telling me how he didn't even need anything to be brave today.

And today he did just like he said. He hopped up in the chair to get his shots. I held him and he only whimpered a tiny bit as he got a shot in each leg.  He was awesome.  And when it was over he said, "I did that for A_____."

God is so good. I've been so worried over making Riley get "unnecessary" shots.  This is a major personality change from 7 months ago.  I mean, this kid will break out in full-out sobbing over a paper cut. I love him dearly, but he's not the toughest cookie.

And the funniest part? We go tomorrow for one more shot. It'll be in his arm.  He told me he wants TWO shots, one in each arm, and actually got a little upset when I told him he'd only be getting one!


  1. He is quite the little man...and what a fantastic big brother too. Can't you just hear him telling the story to A of alllllllll he had to go through just to meet him for the first time.....special Hi-Five to your #1 son!!! Love to all - auntie

  2. Way to go Riley!! What a sweet big bro!

  3. Way to go! I wish he could talk to eli and encourage him :) Eli is adamant that he's not going to Ethiopia with us because he doesn't want to get shots!


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