Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adoption Math that I actually like...

I am not a math fan of any kind, but I think I may have mentioned how much I hate adoption math... the kind where I sit at my computer and read blogs/unofficial wait lists/yahoo groups and try to figure out the future... namely, WHEN this sweet child will finally be home.

But here's math I DO like...

FOUR days till we leave
SIX days till we meet him (!)
EIGHT days till we go to court and tell the judge just how badly we want him in our family
NINE days till we get to hang out with him for a second time
TEN days till we get to see the city where he was born

Someone asked me today, "how do you do it?" I think she meant, "how do you handle all this waiting, all the uncertainty, all the unknowns."  I don't really have an answer. You just do. You have no other choice.  Although I couldn't do it without God. I don't mean that in the "I'm a Christian so I better mention God" kind of way. I mean there is seriously no way I could handle the emotions that go along with this journey without the peace of Christ.

And I probably need a little dose of that peace... it's VBS week so I've been teaching three year olds all week, which means I haven't done anything I'm supposed to be doing.  I haven't packed a thing, haven't gotten our paperwork together, haven't gotten a notarized letter giving the folks keeping Allyn permission to do whatever they need while we're gone.  Nothin'. We do have a mountain of diapers, wipes, & hand sanitizer on the dining room table to pack - but I've done nothing with those, either! ;)

I will have it all done by 4 pm on Saturday.  All that plus I'm getting injera & cooking Aterkik Alitcha because at 4 we're getting together with the Ethiopian Adoption Group here in our area! The very first time we got together with them was the night before our homestudy!  Now we'll be hanging out with them the night before we leave for Ethiopia!

Deep breaths... and lots of coffee!!! :)


  1. ...and, when you don't think you can take another minute of stress, just close your eyes and feel the love, prayers, and support coming from all over the country!
    Safe travel hon....I'll be with you in thought and counting down to see pictures and hear all about my new 'great'..
    Love & big HUGS,

  2. Hi Kirstin! I'm so far behind on the blogs I love to follow... But I'm so glad that I came to yours tonight... It seems that you leave in a day or so... We're not far behind you on the way to Swaziland... Miles apart, yet on the same continent... Somehow I like knowing that I can pray for you on while we're on the same continent... You have a very special family! From a fellow adoptive mom... Drink in every moment!! Let the experience become a part of you because while bearing biological children is an unimaginable blessing, adoption will give you a glimpse of God's heart like nothing else. I'm taking my computer with me to Swaziland, so hopefully I'll be able to log on and read God news about the court... The heart of the 'court' is in the hand of the Lord and He directs it like a watercourse however He chooses (Proverbs 21:1)...

    Blessings & Prayers,


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