Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This just may be the only week in the past 16 months of my life that I don't really want to talk about Ethiopia. Whenever someone mentions the word my heart freezes in a sort of achy way that I can't entirely describe.

But you know what is going on this week? Thursday is "Trip Around the World Day" at Riley's school and his amazing teachers have decided that their class is going to be Ethiopia. All week they have Ethiopian and other African things out for the kids. I brought in a bunch of our stuff from Africa and am bringing injera and aterkik alitcha on Thursday for all the four year old classes and pre-k class to try.  As I dropped R off at school this morning, my eyes fixed on the Ethiopian flag on the classroom door, I saw our Noah's Ark set out for the kids to play with that was made in Swaziland (ha ha - it's closer to Ethiopia than one made here anyway!).  Just before I turned to leave, Riley said "Mommy, stop & listen!" and I heard our Ethiopian children's music CD playing in the background.

My eyes teared up a little and my heart warmed.

What all of this craziness has made me realize is that I truly love Ethiopia. I've never been there but it is a land and a people that I am growing to love.  And that is important.  No matter what the future holds, Ethiopia has landed in my heart and that's not going to change.

Thank you for your prayers. This is a scary time for us and it means so much to know that others are praying for us and with us for Ethiopia and the Ethiopian children. No updates yet but please keep praying!


  1. I understand completely! Ethiopia has a huge place in our hearts and we've never been there either! Our children are there, though, yours and mine. They may not legally be ours, but God has already knit our hearts together and thus their country is a big part of us! Praying along with you for the orphans of Ethiopia and the families who so desperately want to bring them home!

  2. I hope Riley and the Cassell's enjoy Ethiopia's class today. Time is precious but patience is a vitue and will pay off.


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