Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Part of our family

I haven't blogged recently because I'm still having a bit of a tough time dealing with the delay right now. Man, this adopting thing is hard.

So instead of whining to y'all about how bummed out I've been, instead I'm going to share this little picture with you:

Riley is the "Star Student" at school this week so he gets to make an "all about me" poster...

But check out this part:

This is our family, drawn by Riley.  That's Daddy on the left.  For some reason, I'm just a head but that's me, the floating head. Riley's under me, Allyn is off to the right.

And that little baby down in the bottom right hand corner? "That's our new baby!" he says!

We may not have seen his face, but this child is certainly a part of our family already.


  1. .. but a very well-drawn floating head! :)

    I'm praying for you guys, especially #5!

  2. That is precious Kirstin! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is worth a million dollars to my "mommy heart!"

  4. Kids are so confident and trusting - so precious and encouraging!


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