Monday, January 3, 2011

EIGHT MONTHS... and a New Year!

We hit 8 months of waiting on Dec 30th. I wrote a blog post but never published it. It was kind of sad & down. We had just learned about some new delays in the process and I was bummed out about it.

I'm over it now.

Because my friends, this is international adoption! I've written more times than I can count about the rollercoaster ride that this adoption has been. Whenever things seem "down", there's sure to be an "up" somewhere around the corner (or maybe a turn that takes your breath away). This ride is not for the faint of heart, I've learned. It can even make you throw up (maybe they should put that in the adoption brochures! ha ha)

Soooo... after my most recent frustration over waiting times, I was thrilled to see our next "up": I got the latest totals from our Both Hands fundraiser and I almost fell out of my chair when I read the email.

I can't stop praising God and thanking all of you who listened to Him whisper to your hearts to help find an orphan a home! So far with all of our fundraising efforts, we have raised $18,000 of the $27,000(ish) that we estimate this adoption will cost. Is that not amazing? This means we can accept a referral as soon as we get it (we'll have to send $9,000 to accept a referral and then start buying plane tickets).

You people are amazing. God is amazing. While I still don't understand why it needs to cost such a staggering amount in order to find an orphan a home, I am beyond honored and humbled that so many people want to be a part of it. We don't know his side of our son's story yet - how he came to be an orphan. But we know OUR side of his story so far - one that includes so many people who love him enough already to help bring him home.

Can I confess something? It's so ridiculous that I even thought this way but, here goes: I didn't ever believe we would raise this much. When God first started whispering to us about international adoption, I told him he was wrong. It was too much money and maybe he was a little confused & was talking to the wrong couple. Surely He meant to talk to a family with two full-time, profitable careers. When He kept bothering us about it (and I finally decided to listen), we embarked on one of the scariest commitments of our lives: we'd bring a child home no matter what the financial cost would look like. I researched grants, loans, fundraisers, etc as soon as we'd sent in our first application. And I still acted as if we were supposed to be doing this on our own. We were prepared to clean out our bank accounts, apply for loans, etc.  I wonder how many times God smiled down on me as I frantically crunched numbers, saying to Himself, "Bless her heart, when is she going to just trust me?"

I can't take any credit for our fundraising. This is too big for me to have done. And I'm so honored that God has included us in his plans for taking care of orphans. And humbled by so many who want to be a part of it too.

Not a bad way to start the New Year, huh?


  1. "Bless her heart, when is she going to just trust me?" - I suspect that is one that's used more times a day than anyone could keep count of! I know it fits me for sure.
    2011 will be the 'year of the Cassell's'....just you wait!!!


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