Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We've been waiting seven months to meet our little brother!
We have been on this rollercoaster ride for almost a year now but today marks 7 months on the official wait list for a little boy 0-18 months old. It is funny to think that I titled a blog post "Rollercoaster" back in March. I didn't know how right I was.

The latest Rollercoaster we are on I would like to call "My Startling Discovery."  You know how I always talk about that unofficial wait list? And how I stalk it almost every day? The list tells you when each family was placed on the waiting list and what they are waiting for (boy/girl, age of child, siblings, etc).  Remember, I check this list every day. Last night I made a "Startling Discovery."  I had NEVER NOTICED that the families ahead of us that are waiting for boys are all waiting for boys under 12 months old.  When I've been saying that we're #5 for a boy 0-18 months I was wrong - we're actually #4 for a boy 0-7 months.  We're #2 for a boy 8-18 months and we are NEXT for a boy 13-18 months (well, there is a sweet family on hold just above us for a child 0-18 months and I am praying they can get back on the list asap, which would bump us down one.)


I can't believe I never paid attention to that age range. I saw it but it never clicked.

And now I wish I hadn't seen it. I had just commented yesterday to a friend that I really didn't think we'd have our baby home until July (which could still be true). I convinced myself we were still far enough away from a referral that I wouldn't need to even think about it until January.

Right now, I'm waiting patiently. Almost contentedly. I know we will bring our child home. I know it will all work out at the right time.  Even with my "Startling Discovery," I'm still not carrying my cell phone around with me. I even left it in the car when I took the kids to the library this morning, sort of to prove to myself that I'm not obsessing about getting THE CALL. The wait list I get to see is very unofficial. There could still be 10 families in front of us waiting for boys 0-18 months. I'll never know. But I do know that call is coming someday.

And today, that's good enough for me!


  1. OOOooohhhh, MAN!!! This makes me so excited!!!!

  2. Yay!!! I am so incredibly excited for you guys!

  3. Oh girl, I feel your pain!!!!!!!! Hang in there surly we will get our referrals sooner than later. I can't bear the thought of getting our children home next summer. I enjoy reading about your sweet family. God Bless!

    Mollie Page


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