Monday, December 20, 2010

The perfect Christmas picture...

...will never happen!

We've had four different "photo shoots" in front of the Christmas tree this year. Why is it so hard to get two kids to sit still and smile in the same direction?  And what in the world will we do when we have three?

So in honor of all you parents out there in search of the perfect Christmas picture... here are our "best" ones!


  1. These pictures started my day with a LOL - gosh I wish I were closer - they are growing up sooooo quickly. Riley no longer looks like a toddler, he's such a big boy. I love the way they seem to enjoy each other...almost like me with my big brothers.....NOT!!!
    love & big hugs to all...

  2. I love your children so much! I cannot pick a favorite! They are so funny! Thank you for sharing this!


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