Friday, November 5, 2010


This past month has gone by so fast that I realized today that I've been telling people that we've been waiting "almost 6 months" and we actually hit the 6 month mark on Oct 30th! oops! :) Praise God for a fast month of waiting!

I promise I'll do my own update post later but for now - PLEASE go read this blog post. This woman speaks my heart:

And for those of you wanting the stats, here we go:
We are sitting at #17 on the unofficial wait list (#5 for a boy)
Average wait time is still about 8 months... that means about 2 months to go for us.

And yes, I am still praying the referral comes by Christmas! :)

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  1. I had a dream about you guys last night! You got your referral. It was completely out of the blue and the wait list totally did not reflect that it was your turn (duh, it hadn't been updated). I can't wait!!!! Miss you & love you!


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