Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday

I'm always a little late to the game in blogger-world but I learned earlier this week that today would be Orphan Sunday. Our adoption agency suggested that folks try to get something printed on their church bulletin for the week. I called Rob immediately and learned our bulletin had already been printed for the week but that maybe something else could be done and then I just kind of let it go.

The cause of orphans has become so important to our family in the past few years. I first worked with orphans in the Republic of Georgia when I was in college. And then Rob went to Swaziland in 2008 where so many of the children have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and our commitment solidified. Over the next year, God just kept orphans on our heart and in December 2009 we started the adoption process. And I guarantee you, we aren't done caring about orphans once we get our son home. We'll continue our commitment to Swaziland and see what God has for us in other areas too. I have long-term plans to be a foster parent one day. And y'all all know I'm still advocating for a domestic adoption after our international one (Rob's not budging... imagine that!) ha ha

I read a blog today about someone who, last year on Orphan Sunday, was waiting for their child from Ethiopia. Their church didn't mention Orphan Sunday last year.  I'm not sure how long their daughter has been home but she's home now. And in the year since Orphan Sunday 2009, many other families from their church have decided to get involved in the cause to help orphans - many by adopting. This year their church not only had it in their bulletin but they had speakers in each service talking about God's love for orphans and His call for us to do something about it. Afterward they had booths for domestic and international adoptions and foster care.

Can I tell you a secret? I'm mad at myself for not asking our church to at least acknowledge Orphan Sunday today.  And I dream that our church will not only recognize it next year, but be already doing something about it. It's not about getting words printed in a bulletin, it's about working to lessen that number of orphans in our community (global community and local). We are not the first family in our church to adopt by any means... I'm just praying that number continues to grow.

It's already happening in our community. As people have learned we're adopting, I've had other moms confide in me that they're considering it. I am praying that more families will consider adopting.  I know God does not call all families to adopt, however he does call all Christians to care for orphans.

I'm not going to ask you what you're doing to care for orphans today on Orphan Sunday. God doesn't tell us to care for them on one day of the year. What is God telling you to do for orphans in your life? Is he telling you to go on a mission trip? Is he telling you to work with kids here?

Or maybe he's tapping at your heart telling you he has a child for you; one just waiting to be able to say the words "Mommy" and "Daddy" to someone.  God started tapping on my heart a long time ago. Our child isn't even home yet and I'm already glad I listened.

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