Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not a project...

I like projects. In fact, I like projects so much that I often take on new ones before my old ones are finished. I just love having something that I'm working on, whether it's a sewing project like the birthday banner on my sewing table right now for our good buddy in the neighborhood, or doing the Both Hands fundraiser. I just love being involved in stuff. To a fault, probably (just ask my sister-in-law about the window valance she asked me to make LAST YEAR that I'm finally bringing to her next week!).  I tend to take on more than I can realistically do (hence the not sleeping and the many cups of coffee that define my days!).

But you know what? Adopting a child is not a project. This is not just another "thing" I'm involved in. This is not a child I plan to "save" or "fix."  While caring for orphans is certainly part of ministry, this is not a "ministry" for us.  I don't ever want my child to feel as if he were a cause that I was championing at this particular stage of my life.  People have talked with us about our adoption as if it is charity work or as if we are taking on some kind of difficult-yet-noble task.  I promise you, that's not it. 

There are 147 million children out there who don't have mommies or daddies to love on them. One hundred and forty seven million kiddos. Minus one, once we bring our little one home.  It's a tiny dent, but a dent nonetheless. We want another kid. It just makes sense to us to adopt.

It's easy to think of adoption like a project. We have to fill out a hundred and one pieces of paper, many of them government forms that have to be notarized in a very specific way.  We had to provide health certificates, bank statements, do interviews with social workers, and complete trainings.  The whole process is very project-like.  But if I expect this to be a project with a finished product at the end, I will be sorely disappointed. 

In the end, it's a child, not a project. And it's a son who will join our family in the same way my first two did: into the arms of two parents who love him very much and know we'll figure out the rest along the way!

Want to know the latest update: we're now #14 on the unofficial wait list, still #5 for a boy :)


  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! One at a time you will be there before you know it!
    sending love & big hugs to all....

  2. :) Yay 14!!! This definitely is not a project and I cannot wait to meet him!!! However, you are really good at your projects! ;)

  3. Well said!

    Rebecca Daniels


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