Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We've told folks about this on facebook but in case any of y'all who read this blog are local, I wanted to invite you to our Chick-Fil-A fundraiser tomorrow night!!!

On Thursday, Nov 11th from 5-8, the Chick-Fil-A at Guilford College will donate 15% of your purchase to our adoption! If you come, please make sure to give them your receipt & tell them that you'd like it to go for the adoption fundraiser. It's no extra cost to you- you pay only for your meal - they do the donation!

Isn't that cool? I just love Chick-Fil-A. They're the best.  And we are so excited that they're willing to help us out.

So in case you were looking for an excuse to eat Chick-Fil-A this week... here you go!!

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  1. A Chick-Fil-A fundraiser for your birthday?? Great day! You think they would let me call something in with the directions: "Please give this to the first homeless person you see?" lol.. I probably won't try it.


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