Friday, October 22, 2010


Tomorrow is the day I have been so excited for! I am excited about our fundraiser for many reasons - it is helping us be able to bring our son home! But the actual process of it is all about what will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow we will go love on a woman who lost her husband to cancer 25 years ago. Tomorrow we will show up bright & early (8 am!) ready to paint her garage, replace some rotted wood on another structure, and clean out her gutters.  Okay, maybe we'll drink some coffee first.

Tomorrow we will be the hands & feet of Jesus, taking care of a person he loves so dearly.

A big part of this fundraiser has been about us - that's the part I'm so uncomfortable with. I know we need to fundraise and I know I need to push my pride out of the way and let God use others to help make this happen. But tomorrow we get to make it all about Dottie! I love that!

I told Rob the other day that I am so hoping that someone else we know decides to adopt and decides to do a Both Hands fundraiser... I will totally run it for them!  So, dear blog readers... anyone praying about adoption? Just know you have someone waiting in the wings to help you with a giant fundraiser! I am not kidding! I'm so good at this stuff when I can do it for someone else!!!

Please pray for all of us tomorrow... for Dottie, for our team as we work, for my kids (they'll be there for most of the project day), and for our son in Ethiopia - maybe something extra good will happen for him tomorrow too.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!


  1. Prayer said! I wish I could be there to help! Someone named Dottie just sounds like a barrel of fun! I hope today was very blessed and that you could see Jesus in the work that was done! Love you!

  2. My husband and I want to do a Both Hands fundraiser and would love your help!!!!!!


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