Monday, October 4, 2010


We must have taken forty-five pictures trying to get both kids to hold up a "high five" at the same time! This was the best I could get! :) I should really post the reject pictures - they're hilarious!
Imagine how hard it will be to get good pictures of three kids!!!

This is going to be a quick "update" post so I'll just hit you with the stats these days:
We are still #19 on the unofficial wait list. #6 for a boy
Average wait time for a family waiting for a child 13 months old or older: 8 months
Average wait time for a family waiting for a child under 12 months old: 9 months

My secret hope is that I'll see his face by Christmas.


  1. My hope is that he's home before Collins gets here!

  2. please send the 'reject' pictures - these two are adorable and the others will change me from a smile to a chuckle, I'm sure.
    I'm sure the days seem like weeks - but once he arrives it will seem like just a blink! love & hugs to all..

  3. They look so much alike in these pictures!!!


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