Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All kinds of stuff goin' on!

We are smack dab in the middle of our big adoption fundraiser! We're doing a Both Hands project and we are so excited about it.

We have been completely and utterly overwhelmed by the amount of support we've gotten from our family and friends. God brought us to Greensboro five years ago and we knew no one here. Not a soul. I spent the first week here unemployed, in our apt with no furniture, watching episodes of 24 on our laptop because I had no where to go and no one to do it with.  After being here five years, we have an incredible church family we love, some amazing friends, and it really feels like home.

Thursday night of last week, we had friends sitting around our kitchen table and dining room table to address envelopes and write on letters to send out about our project. This is not the final count 'cause there are still more people sending letters but as of right now, we have 566 letters going out!  I just hope I can explain one day to our son just how loved he was before he even got here.

I just read this quote on someone else's blog (which is funny 'cause I'm reading a book by David Platt right now and I'm guessing this is the same book. I haven't gotten to this part yet):

"Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they're not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes. So when you and I hear staggering numbers and statistics about the poor and needy around us and around the world, we have a choice. We can switch the channels on our mega-TVs and continue our comfortable, untroubled, ordinary, churchgoing lives as if the global poor don't exist. We can let these numbers remain cold, distant, and almost imaginary. Or we can open our eyes and our lives to the realities that surround us and begin considering the faces that are represented by these numbers."  --David Platt


You know what? The people around us are NOT ignoring statistics. We have twenty-three people officially on our "Both Hands Team" and many more who are planning to come help us work on Dottie's home this weekend. All of those people are DOING something for an orphan and a widow. Amazing. Usually when we hear quotes like that it is to inspire people to start doing something. I was so excited to read that quote and think "Our team is doing it!!!" THANK YOU to all of you!

 That is exciting enough... but want to hear more exciting news! After almost one whole month of no movement on the unofficial wait list... there was a referral!!! We are now at #18! Still #6 for a boy though. But I don't care. I was SO excited to see another referral come through! Goodbye and good riddance 19!

More on the exciting front (although this part is scary to me). I think we're going to be on the news! I got a call from News 2 and they want to do one of those "feel good" stories about our project! I am thrilled to get the word out about the importance of adoption and about the Both Hands idea. I am not thrilled that I might have to be on tv. Anyone want to pretend to be me?


On a serious note, I have a prayer request. We really want to bring Riley with us to Ethiopia on the first trip. He really wants to go. However, he just had to have his shots for his annual check-up and it did NOT go well. I'm talking MAJOR freak out and it took two nurses to help me hold him down (the child weighs 34 pounds). I still get upset thinking about it and he gets upset talking about it. I am having to decide if I want to put him through getting all the vaccinations in order to go.  I am really not sure we can do it. I hate to not take him over a couple shots but y'all should have seen this child in the doctor's office. I have never seen him so fearful and have never heard him scream like he did. It was just awful.


 But let's end on a good note... two more orphans were matched with their family today (the family who got their referral got siblings!). Two children who will NOT grow up with an uncertain future with no one to guide them.  And we are one spot closer to our child!


  1. ...maybe you are meant to have a reason to take the whole family over to see your 2nd son's country in the future - to learn and honor - and make this initial trip just about you, Rob, and your new son. Riley has a lifetime ahead to make the trek...and a family memory he will truly remember! - love to all - 'auntie'

  2. Maybe Riley will surprise you when he is getting a shot to go see his little brother! I'm so glad to hear that you are one spot closer to getting little man! And I am so incredibly happy for that family who is finally going to be together! Prayers are coming your way!


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