Monday, August 16, 2010

Crunching the numbers

I haven't had a true UPDATE post in awhile. Mostly because there really aren't any updates when you're on the waiting list. And trust me, when we have THE news, everyone will hear about it!!! Based on my shout when I got the email that we were finally on the waiting list, I have a feeling my neighbors might come running when we finally get our referral!

But here are the latest "numbers" of our adoption story:
We're still waiting for a little boy aged 0-18 months at the time of referral.
We've been on the wait list 3 1/2 months, but began the whole process 8 months ago. No wonder I'm starting to feel antsy... I was in my last month of pregnancy by this time with my first two kids!
We are still sitting UNOFFICIALLY at #24 (if you don't count the family at the top who is "on hold").
On that UNOFFICIAL wait list, we are actually #6 for a boy 0-18 months.
The average wait times have gotten longer. When we first started the process, the wait times were 8 months for a child under 12 months old and 5-6 months for a child 13 months old or older. 
Right now, the wait is 9 months for a child under 12 months old and 8 months for 13 months old or older.

Those little dreams I had of getting a referral this fall aren't possible right now. But I am trying to be patient. I know that God knows my child. He knows where he is and what he's doing.  He sees my child when I cannot.  For now I'm trying to be content with the privilege of praying for him until I have the privilege of seeing his face.

and maybe I'll get a referral for Christmas :)


  1. That would be the best Christmas present EVER!! I will keep praying for your little boy and for all those waiting for him!! I love y'all!

  2. Hang in there!! I know how tough the waiting can be!
    Helen and I are planning to go on Friday!! Thanks for your sweet comment and hope to see you next week.


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