Friday, July 30, 2010


WFU friends, can you tell where my kids are in this picture?
If you are reading this, please pause for a moment in order to be proud of me for having the technical prowess to schedule a post! I am currently in Swaziland, Africa working with children who have been orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic there. The trip is not at all adoption-related other than my joy at being on the same soil as my son!! I wrote this post before I left :)

We've hit the three month mark on the wait list! The only new big news during our third month was that we were approved by Lifesong for Orphans to do their Both Hands fundraiser. I am beyond excited about it. The short version is that we help a widow in our community and, in doing so, hold a fundraiser for our adoption expenses. It's based on James 1:27 that says "Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you." The idea that we could raise funding for our adoption AND help a widow in our community just makes my day!

The best thing that happened this month was a comment from one of my friends. I was having a rough day adoption-wise and found this comment on my facebook page: "(name of friend's daughter) came home last night and told me "do you know there are kids who are orphans?" We ended up in a long conversation in which I explained her you would be adopting a child from Africa. (She wants us to do the same!) I mentioned that by giving some of her jackets to some children in need she was helping in her own way, etc... Thanks for being at the source of a great conversation with my child!"  That was exactly what I needed to hear when I was feeling down and I thank God for placing such amazing friends in my life to help me along in this crazy journey! He's already using this adoption - I just needed to be reminded of that.

Those of you who are seeing my kids... please give them hugs from me! I am sure I miss them terribly by now but I'll be home in 6 days!

We're now #27 on the unofficial wait list and the first families who are having to travel twice have made that first trip! It looks as if we will be getting 3 one-hour visits with our little one and then we'll see him from across the room during court. I'm cooling on my idea of bringing Riley on that first trip (maybe the second one?) just because of how emotional the court process can be.

We are still praying about some of the health concerns that we might be open to in our adoption. Please pray with us about that. I am really struggling with some decisions here and I would love some clarity. Most of all, I'm just praying for "our baby in Africa" (that's what the kids call him).

I'll blog again once I'm back from Swaziland and have hugged my kiddos fourteen million times. Then maybe I'll be ready to look at computer instead of at their little faces :)


  1. :-)
    I met Rob's parents this past weekend as I saw your kiddos "wagoning" towards the school park. Everyone looked like they were having a good time. Glad you are back. I can't wait to hear more about your trip.

  2. Prayers are flying your way! I hope you were able to pray very often while standing on the same soil as your beautiful "baby in Africa".


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